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Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
04 April 2012 @ 02:41 am
I remember back in the day when writing in the "you" pov seemed so experimental and rare to me. And then I jump aboard the Homestuck fandom and holyshit of shits it is every where.
Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
02 November 2011 @ 01:44 am
Blanche was at the grocery store sorting through the apples, trying to locate one that wasn't bruised, and not having any luck. The hand written sign said "Red Deliciousss!!" on it, in purple marker against a lemon-yellow neon. The apples were all very big, and a plastic red; the kind that had a bitter peel, and crisp white flesh, and they were all balanced in a precarious downwards slant on the shelf. These were the left overs, discarded specimens, the ones that had been picked over and dropped and rolled about and replaced without a care. They were the battered women of apples, Blanche thought, left forlorn and waiting for a customer to creep inside the pastel innards of the grocery store, to press and poke a fingertip, accusingly, into the mushy flesh.

This always happened when she waited too long to do the shopping.

Hi there, nano. ♥ I see that another year has come and gone, and it's time for writers to work their fingers to the bone again! What a beautiful month. I wish I could actually partake in it, ): Especially now that I've located a 24 hour diner within walking distance from my apartment, and I have a functioning laptop! Unfortunately, writing must continue taking a back seat to art in my sorry little world, but I want to wish any writer out there tackling nanowrimo this year a lot of good, healthy, crazy luck! Maybe next year I can join your fold again..
Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
07 March 2011 @ 06:33 pm
You guys, I don't even know. ): Goofy fluff. No saving grace. It's OT3, and 2025 words. No, seriously, I haven't even played about half of the KH games so I'm kind of fucking some of the concepts up the ass without really understanding it, too. Just...roll with it? :D

Minnie, Riku said sternly, I have to go.Collapse )

Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
Consequence of submerging myself into art school? I forgot how to write lol

James Taylor - Mexico
They didn't come out to Destiny Islands very often anymore.Collapse )

Regina Spektor - On the Radio
Here, Sora said, and offered his hand.Collapse )

Sara Bareilles - City
She found him in the dark of a neon-lit city with the rain falling down on empty streets.Collapse )

PJ Harvey - You Said Something
TELL ME WHAT YOU SAID, Sora demanded.Collapse )

Sarah McLachlan - Perfect Girl
Kairi's adopted father said, You're not allowed to go.Collapse )

I hope to have better progress at a later date lol.
Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
05 March 2011 @ 08:55 am
Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
Original ficlet, written based off of my original novel, ♥ Written to the theme Twilight from 100_chances

Her hair shone like diamonds against the darkening sky, brighter than the stars slowly coming to life in pinpricks of blue-white light.Collapse )

Pretty messy, I know. :\ But I'm trying to learn how to write fanfic for them so that maybe I can learn how to write a better novel for them lol.
Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
I haven't been doing much writing lately, and it shows, sadly. As much as I would like to work on my own original nonsense, nothing was working, so I decided on a different approach to try and ease my way back into writing!

Sailor Moon Fanfiction.

It's always been one of my most loved fandoms, particularly for writing fanfic. There's just so much material that can be taken in so many different, unique directions, and I know the ins and outs of my personal favorites to the point that its like pulling on my favorite hoody to write it: comforting and warm.

Here is a collection of Hino Rei fanfics, because even though she isn't my favorite character, she's probably my favorite to write. These were written based off of sm_monthly's May 2009 challenges.

Title: Appetite
Rating: PG-13

Is it shameful, Jadeite asked, That I want to see you in rosary beads and nothing else?Collapse )

Title: Heat
Rating: PG

It was as if Earth itself was crowned with beauty, with delicate growing things, petals opening like velvet dreams beneath a sweet summer sky; and Lady Mars, though red as a rose, did not belong there.Collapse )

Title: Lose Yourself
Rating: PG-13

She spun the bottle in her hands, catching it with her left, sending it in a tight spin back to her right; then she repeated the pattern. It had kept her occupied for the last hour, as the crowd dwindled, and the music got softer.Collapse )

Title: Colored Glass and Red Sands
Rating: PG

The sands of mars are red and hot, yet soft as the finest silk.Collapse )

Title: The Downfall of Dreaming
Rating: PG

There are five things I will do when we get through this battle.Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed ♥
Devourer of Chocolate and Souls
Hahahaha! Wrote this as a writing assignment for my class, today. It amused me, so I thought I would share, ♥ A warning for xeno, as in: there are tentacles! :D

This time, Simon threw the bible at him.Collapse )