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[SE] Soul&Maka - summer heat

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I remember back in the day when writing in the "you" pov seemed so experimental and rare to me. And then I jump aboard the Homestuck fandom and holyshit of shits it is every where.
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Blanche was at the grocery store sorting through the apples, trying to locate one that wasn't bruised, and not having any luck. The hand written sign said "Red Deliciousss!!" on it, in purple marker against a lemon-yellow neon. The apples were all very big, and a plastic red; the kind that had a bitter peel, and crisp white flesh, and they were all balanced in a precarious downwards slant on the shelf. These were the left overs, discarded specimens, the ones that had been picked over and dropped and rolled about and replaced without a care. They were the battered women of apples, Blanche thought, left forlorn and waiting for a customer to creep inside the pastel innards of the grocery store, to press and poke a fingertip, accusingly, into the mushy flesh.

This always happened when she waited too long to do the shopping.

Hi there, nano. ♥ I see that another year has come and gone, and it's time for writers to work their fingers to the bone again! What a beautiful month. I wish I could actually partake in it, ): Especially now that I've located a 24 hour diner within walking distance from my apartment, and I have a functioning laptop! Unfortunately, writing must continue taking a back seat to art in my sorry little world, but I want to wish any writer out there tackling nanowrimo this year a lot of good, healthy, crazy luck! Maybe next year I can join your fold again..
[SE] Soul&Maka - summer heat

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Captain Sassafras did not vacation well.

Rudyard, on the other hand, reclined against a palm tree, letting the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the palm fronds high over head cross him in a delicate lattice work pattern. His bare toes were tucked into the warm white sand, and he was breathing in time with the surf, sipping gingerly on a coconut filled with rum.

"Oh Captain, my Captain," he called, faintly tipsy, or just full of warmth and blue skies and no expectations other than relaxation, for once. "Have some of my drink. It may calm your nerves!"

Sassafras was pacing the waterline like a caged beast, stalking it in agitation, glaring at the distant horizon where she had last seen her ship disappear. Rudyard imagined sweat trickling down her back, her long, sun kissed throat. The sun made her pale hair blaze white against the sky, and she was already getting a slight sun burn across her straight nose and high cheeks. Rudyard hoped she freckled. He thought that would be adorable.

Ignoring Rudyard's advice, Sassafras threw her head back, screamed something very foul and unflattering at her first mate and best of friend, then collapsed in the sand. With a sigh, Rudyard hauled himself up to his feet, and meandered over.

"I can't handle this, Evans," she complained, voice roughened by her heart felt roar. Her limbs were tossed all askew, and the heels of her favorite boots were getting wet and muddy in the surf. Rudyard wedged his coconut of rum delicately into the cool sand, letting the barest hint of cold, clear ocean cool it down, and set about taking Sassafras' boots off, before they were ruined. She wriggled her toes in the air until Rudyard also took off her socks, which were striped and purple-pink, and tossed them up towards the tree line.

"It's only been a day," Rudyard commented. "Surely the great Captain Sassafras can handle a little bit of quiet?"

Sassafras scoffed, but Rudyard was pleased to see a slight curl of amusement to her lips. Her eyes were closed, her long black lashes a fan against her sun-pinkened cheeks. Then she scowled, and threw a hand up to shield her face so she could squint one starry-blue eye at him. "I'm probably getting sand in my pistols, aren't I?"

Rudyard took another swallow of rum, lazy eyed and content. "Probably."

Muttering unpleasant things, Sassafras stood up, and brushed off her rear, rearranging her heavy belts and bristling like a cat when she saw the sand lining it, and her spare bullets, and her twin pistols. "Shit," she said. "I need some coffee."

"Actually," Rudyard said, "you probably need some sleep. Thus the vacation. Isn't there supposed to be a tree house somewhere around here?"

"Yeah," Sassafras sighed, rubbing her temples. The bags beneath her eyes were even bluer in the fresh sunshine of the beautiful island Elizabeth had abandoned them on. "Let's go, I need some shade, and we should set up a place to sleep before it gets too dark. And if there are creatures nesting there I want to kill them."

"Dinner?" Rudyard perked up, trotting behind Sassafras' frustrated, long-strided gate.

She spat on the side of the walk. Rudyard wrinkled his nose, tossing the empty coconut over his shoulder, and grabbing the bottles of rum Elizabeth had solemnly given him before they'd carried out the kidnapping. "She needs booze and sex, and sleep in between before she drives us all mad," the small, dark eyed witch explained. "Make certain she gets these things, or I'll throw you overboard when we're flying over an ocean full of ravenous sharks."

"No dinner," Sassafras said, breaking Rudyard out of his reverie. "For relaxation."

FIC: Five Short Stories [bishoujo senshi sailor moon | Rei/Jadeite | PG-PG13]

I haven't been doing much writing lately, and it shows, sadly. As much as I would like to work on my own original nonsense, nothing was working, so I decided on a different approach to try and ease my way back into writing!

Sailor Moon Fanfiction.

It's always been one of my most loved fandoms, particularly for writing fanfic. There's just so much material that can be taken in so many different, unique directions, and I know the ins and outs of my personal favorites to the point that its like pulling on my favorite hoody to write it: comforting and warm.

Here is a collection of Hino Rei fanfics, because even though she isn't my favorite character, she's probably my favorite to write. These were written based off of sm_monthly's May 2009 challenges.

Title: Appetite
Rating: PG-13

Collapse )

Title: Heat
Rating: PG

Collapse )

Title: Lose Yourself
Rating: PG-13

Collapse )

Title: Colored Glass and Red Sands
Rating: PG

Collapse )

Title: The Downfall of Dreaming
Rating: PG

Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed ♥